DONATIONS – Fresno-Greater San Joaquin Valley Junior Golf Foundation, a Charitable Non-profit Corporation

The support we have received from the community has been outstanding, but we need further funding by way of endowments, sponsorship’s, grants and donations in order to maintain our Foundation and the daily operations of the facility.  As stated above, we have no membership dues and depend solely on donations and grants.  The facility (including equipment) is free to all boys and girls who have not reached their 18th birthday.

The Fresno-Greater San Joaquin Valley Junior Golf Foundation is grateful for the support that has been received.  But we are in need of continued financial assistance.

All support and donations to our Non-Profit Charitable Foundation (EIN 77-0311270).


Or mailed to:

Fresno-Greater San Joaquin Valley Junior Golf Foundation
C/O Greg Vaughn
2134 N. Fine Ave
Fresno, CA 93727